Mom’s Retirement Fund

With the understanding that the work mothers do is priceless, proceeds from every Donna René KeepSakes purchase will be used to build and support a retirement fund in support of mothers who, in addition to reaching the age of 55 and above, have completed the task of raising their children beyond the age of 30.  


Divorce and single-motherhood often cause moms to make sacrifices that lead to financial struggle, once their job is “complete.”   Often, when they should be able to relax after a job well done, millions of mothers struggle to keep a roof over their heads and the lights on; often forced to work menial jobs to make ends meet.  There is no pension or 401k for mothers after 18-30 years of service.


After risking their health and yes, even their lives to birth new life into the world, mothers deserve much better treatment, once their job is done.  Mom’s Retirement Fund is intended to help relieve some of the financial burden, and offer assistance with rent, mortgage payments, car note payments, health care, etc. and allow retired moms to live with the dignity they deserve.


Although the long-term goal of Mom’s Retirement Fund is to provide retirement funds to every deserving mom regardless of economic status, we will start with those who need it most; the elderly.  Annually, Mom’s Retirement Fund intends to provide for as many moms as funds will allow.  

family celebration of mom

Life is the gift that keeps on giving.  Every year, when you celebrate the life of someone you love, remember to celebrate the woman who birthed that someone into the world.  Maybe that someone is you!

Every purchase you make from, and will be used to support MRF.   Thank you for supporting Mom’s Retirement Fund!