Mom’s Retirement Fund

Understanding the invaluable work mothers do, we dedicate proceeds from every Donna René KeepSakes purchase to a special retirement fund. This fund supports mothers over 55 who’ve devoted themselves to raising their children until they’re 30 or older.


Many moms face financial hardships due to divorce or the challenges of single motherhood. After years of sacrifice, instead of resting, countless mothers struggle to afford basic needs. They often take on low-paying jobs just to manage living expenses. Unfortunately, there’s no standard pension or 401k waiting for mothers after decades of caregiving.


Mothers risk their health and lives to bring new life into the world. They deserve to retire with dignity. Mom’s Retirement Fund aims to ease their financial burdens. We offer help with housing, car payments, healthcare, and more, so retired moms can live comfortably.


Our ultimate goal is to support all deserving moms, regardless of their financial situation. Initially, we’ll focus on helping elderly moms in need. Each year, we plan to support as many moms as our funds permit.

family celebration of mom

Life is the gift that keeps on giving.  Every year, when you celebrate the life of someone you love, remember to celebrate the woman who birthed that someone into the world.  Maybe that someone is you!

Every purchase you make from and is used to support MRF.   

Thank you for supporting Mom’s Retirement Fund!